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The Natural Oil Corporation, based in Jena, Germany, handles and processes plant matter derived from oilseeds.


Our customers are companies that use vegetable oils for energy and material purposes. As a renewable resource, oil plants and their fruits are proving to be an ecologically and economically superior alternative to petroleum in a growing number of industries.


In order to help increase the distribution of oil seeds in the industry, we are active throughout the entire value chain – starting with the acquisition of oilseeds from their countries of origin, followed by shipping and processing into oils and residues, and ending with the refinement and distribution of materials for industrial use.


We are particularly committed to the principles of Social Business when it comes to the sourcing of our oilseeds.

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More potential than just butter and creme. The shea nut has the highest concentration of unsaponifiable components of all the oilseeds, a variety of phytonutrients (phytochemicals) and vitamins, and contains twice as much lecithin as soy...

A special vegetable oil with an exciting molecular structure. It consists of nearly 90% ricinoleic acid, an oxy fatty acid that is difficult to produce synthetically. It occurs nowhere else in nature and is used in cosmetics!  Castor oil is the basis of many chemical processes…

The Jatropha plant produces one of the most effective bio-oils and has exciting potential as an energy supplier. The cultivation of the plant is not yet fully optimized; however, its use as an environmentally friendlier biofuel is promising. Jatropha gives developing countries much hope...

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