Purchase of oil seeds and oil

The Natural Oil Corporation is a worldwide importer and exporter of renewable resources.

We trade in sustainably produced fruits, nuts and vegetable oils for use as fuel, in energy production, or for further processing in accordance with the quality requirements of our clients, who span a variety of industries.


We purchase oil and oil seeds directly from producers, international distributors and local suppliers in the countries of origin.


We are even interested in small quantities (approx. 10 tons) and lesser-known types of nuts.


We are always happy to help with the purchasing process. Our qualified staff is always available to answer questions. We will also be happy to consult with you on-site regarding cultivation, storage, shipping and export preparation.

If necessary, we are capable of assuming all or part of the organization of the purchasing process, including

• Contracts

• Development of logistics

• Handling of shipping and customs

• Quality controls

• Certifications

• Consulting


Our positive experience with local growers, farmer associations, NGOs/NPOs and commercial organizations is based on long-term cooperation.

With fair purchase prices and the sponsorship of philanthropic projects, we are pleased to combine our purchasing processes with social engagement.


If you would like to sell plant oils (of any kind), please contact us or send your offers!



Fair wins

We are interested in developing long-term partnerships with sustainable sources of vegetable oils.


For this purpose, we are committed to buying at fair market prices and are happy to assist you with the organization of logistics and processing.


Please send us your offers. Try us out!

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