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We draw inspiration from the principles of social business and Muhammad Yunus, who has proven numerous times over that corporate resources can greatly contribute to effectively solving social and environmental challenges.

Our team is convinced that economic activity and social engagement can be combined for the mutual benefit of business and society.


We are not a charitable institution relying on donations or tax dollars, but a normal business with a focus on profitability.


Our company was founded, however, with the goal of creating positive environmental and social impact using the resources we gain through our business activities.

Particularly in the procurement of oil and seeds from less developed countries of origin, we utilize our resources to overcome local social challenges such as poverty, insufficient medical care, barriers to education, and a lack of water and energy.


For example, we currently sponsor a number of African companies with systems for collecting wild nuts. We also collaborate closely with the local relief organizations.


Through the regular acquisition of oil seeds at fair prices, we seek to provide disadvantaged minorities and women in developing countries with secure income.


The fair treatment of farmers under contract and fair purchase prices are also key to the success of our long-term partnerships.


We would like to expand our engagement and are currently seeking additional partners in Asia and Africa.

We have set a specific goal of helping 1,000 people earn a respectable and steady income by the year 2015.


Please contact us if you operate or would like to operate a collection system, or if you are seeking to collect or cultivate nuts!


We are here for you.


Our company’s fair collection systems create steady income for women and minorities in developing countries while we enjoy the benefit of a sustainable source of vegetable oils.


Adjusted in each situation to the conditions of the respective producing countries, all parties come out ahead.


We hope to expand this model and, therefore, we are always looking for partners.

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